5km… well that was the plan..

Recently a few of us have been discussing whether you could run or row 1km faster… and also in the same conversation, whether it is realistic to run 5km in under 20 minutes (unless you are a ‘runner’)!

Although I have run a marathon (back in 2011), and plodded many a mile in the training run, and have done the ‘Great Midlands Fun Run’ a few times, I didn’t know what my ‘5km time’ was. Partly because I had either run shorter or longer than that, and/or wasn’t using Strava to record my workouts.

So, today without any form or specific training, nutrition, rest, etc I thought I’d give it a go. I did a quick look on Google Maps to see if there were any suitable routes from my house that was relatively flat and didn’t involve crossing too many roads, etc which would kill any momentum. I then considered running in Sutton Park, but felt that I would be too uncertain as to whether I’d run far enough (I need not have worried!)…

I opted for a local running track. A quick calculation later and I had to complete 12.5 laps of the 400m loop.

With a bright blue sky, and even brighter sun, around 20 degrees Celsius I did a warm up consisting of 50 meter walk, 50 meter run, 75 meter walk. and then I was off..

No frills, no headphones, no fans/supporters/spectators, no pacer, no plan…

I spent the first couple of laps getting into my stride, and realising that the ‘home straight’ appeared to have a pretty strong headwind, but the ‘back straight’ didn’t seem to have a wind pushing me along! I tried to keep my breathing in a good place, steady, not to heavy.

I was aiming at somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes, expecting to be slightly north of 25 minutes, with the lower time the better of course!

laps 1 and 2 I was tracking at around 7 minute per mile, which was in my view not a sustainable pace, but I was going with it, and would just try and ‘survive’…

To cut a long story short, I finished in a time of just 22 minutes and 22 seconds…which I could hardly believe, until I realised that I had stopped 1 lap short..!!

By this point my relief of finishing, joy of a better time than I expected, turned to being pretty annoyed at myself. I should/could have checked the distance covered on my watch before I finished, but I was confident I’d counted right, and by the time I realised, I was already swigging my drink and lying down on the track just after the finish line!

If I was to assume that I would get around the next lap in around 2 minutes, I would have completed it around 25 minutes (as hoped), which was a good benchmark time to start from.

In answer to my could I run 5km in under 20 minutes. I would say that I think that I could, but it would probably require a change in focus of my training (reducing upper body / muscle building, and increasing long distance and speed work). My nutrition would need to be focused more on reducing my body weight by around 1 – 1.5 stone. May not be happening any time soon when I had this post run..


Summer fast approaching – Upper A 09.05.2018

Following the glorious weather of the May bank holiday weekend, and a day working from home yesterday, it was time to head back into the office, which I decided to do on my Giant Defy 2010 road bike. It wasn’t as warm as it had been over the weekend (thankfully), so I started out, and did most of the ride with my balaclava and coat on. It is warming up during the day today, so I expect to not need either of those on the way home tonight.

At lunch I took on Upper A, but was not feeling very strong. My nutrition, rest or hydration over the weekend and start of the week has not been great, and it showed! I upped the weight on the bench, and rows, but ended up reducing it to lower than I did last time I took on this workout. Overall I am glad I did the workout, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t hit the same weight as last time out. I was very happy with my form on the lower weight, and feel that may be a better plan next time. After all, the pyramid is only as high as it’s base!

Bench Press
75×6 75×4 70×3 70×6

75×8 70×8 70×8

Incline DB Press
20×10 20×8 20×6

Lat Pull Downs
63.6×10 63.6×10 63.6×10

Lat Raises
8×15 8×15

Tricep Pushdown
30.6×10 30.6×10 30.6×10

Dumbell Curls
14×10 14×5 x2

The evening will be followed by a cycle home too.

50 Burpees for time

I set my baseline benchmark for this challenge today. I didn’t do any exercise over the weekend (other than playing on the bouncy castle and walking the park carrying the kids around, etc), and drank and ate what I fancied.

So, as I’m working from home today, I thought I’d get this one started. I made sure that my chest touched the floor and then my finger tips touched the ceiling in the room that was in for each rep to count.

I’ll update this post with each effort that I do.

07.05.2018 – 03:47:39, according to my Fitbit Surge watch I burnt 35 calories, and had an average BPM of 114. I didn’t do any kind of warm up (as it’s bloody hot today as it has been all weekend), nor have I been training on Burpees recently. Felt fine up until 20, and then the pace slowed substantially after 25!


Lower A (03 05 2018)

First leg day in what feels like ages.. and I really felt it!

I had to wait a fair while for the leg press machine as a couple of chaps were doing lots of sets on it, and then when I finished with it, they were on the leg extension machine, so I did the leg raises and then headed back to the office.

Having said that I found it tough, I managed to hit a personal best on a few exercises, including a cheeky one rep of a deadlift.

Once I got to work I re-fueled with this.. tuna, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, cous cous, seeds, chia, nuts mix…

No cycling in today as I’ve got to head over after work to the wonderful Birmingham Children’s Hospital for an appointment with Isaac. Fingers crossed it is good news in his battle with sJIA!

Upper A (02.05.2018)

Because of my fall (from my bike), heavy workload and … other excuses, I’ve not been to the gym enough over the last week or so.

So with the start of a new month, I felt time to get some fresh energy. I have cleaned up my diet a little over the last couple of days (resisting the snacking that I have been doing far too regularly), and today I got back to the gym at lunch. I didn’t manage to complete the full workout, but I hit a couple of PBs early on, which meant I felt better about the fact I didn’t hit some of the weights/reps I had hit last time I did this workout.

No cycling today, as I need to get my mtb bike disc breaks looked at to stop them squealing, and the weather was far too wet to risk riding the road bike in again.

27.04.2018 – Slippery When Wet

As the weather looked like it had finally changed, I decided to get the road bike (Giant Defy 2010) out and used it on the 23rd, 25th and 27th April.

Unfortunately on the 27th, it was wet, raining throughout the whole ride to work, however I was enjoying the journey, until…

After around 7 miles, I managed to dodge and angry goose, but in doing so, must have taken my eye off the route up ahead and hadn’t slowed down enough for the bridge which was approaching. I wasn’t flying, but when someone came around the corner the other way, I was in the process of turning (only a fraction), so when I applied the brakes, my tyres (Continental Gatorskins) slid from beneath me! I slid along the floor (with my upper left thigh and knee taking the brunt of the impact and body to ground contact). The chap coming the other way stopped quite casually under the bridge (on his mountain bike), asked if I was ok, and advised that he had done the same a couple of times… I was ok, but just a bit of a bruised pride, and annoyed at myself. I was glad that I did manage to grab my bike before it slid into the canal though!

So I jumped back on my bike and carried on my journey. After a shower and bandage I got through the day in the office fine, and the ride home was a bit sore, but randomly sunny. As it was a Friday, I had the weekend to rest my knee/leg/pride. I’ll see how it feels when I ride in on Wednesday..

Sunshine cycle and row

A beautiful blue sky and sunshine today. Although the youngest was up all night as he isn’t well, I decided to cycle to work, which was slow, but really nice in the sun.

As I’m going to do the DragonBoat race with a few guys from work in June, some talk started up about our 1k row time. I knew this was on my PB list, but without a time, so at lunch I had a gentle walk down to the gym, soaking up some sunshine, did my row, and then a relaxed stroll back again.

Then I cycled home in the sunshine after work, and had a dip in the paddling pool with Oliver..