Fitness Personal Bests

Below is a record of my personal bests, and the date they were achieved. Unless I can remember or have a record of it for sure, I’ve started a fresh from the beginning of 2018 with many of the weight lifting related PB’s, starting with my Beach Body 2018 programme.

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Summer Holiday ‘Beach Body’

Who doesn’t want to be looking their best when they jet off on their holiday and strip down to just their swimwear, leaving nowhere to hide for those parts of the body which have been happily covered up all Continue reading “Summer Holiday ‘Beach Body’”


There are loads of pictures, memes, sayings or quotes online these days. Some of them really hit the mark in a specific moment, and others are good to just live by generally.

I’ve not put these in any particular order, and will credit if I can remember where I saw it, or who said it, if I can remember!

These may hit the mark for you too, let me know if they do, or if you have any you like that I’ve not mentioned!

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