Summer fast approaching – Upper A 09.05.2018

Following the glorious weather of the May bank holiday weekend, and a day working from home yesterday, it was time to head back into the office, which I decided to do on my Giant Defy 2010 road bike. It wasn’t as warm as it had been over the weekend (thankfully), so I started out, and did most of the ride with my balaclava and coat on. It is warming up during the day today, so I expect to not need either of those on the way home tonight.

At lunch I took on Upper A, but was not feeling very strong. My nutrition, rest or hydration over the weekend and start of the week has not been great, and it showed! I upped the weight on the bench, and rows, but ended up reducing it to lower than I did last time I took on this workout. Overall I am glad I did the workout, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t hit the same weight as last time out. I was very happy with my form on the lower weight, and feel that may be a better plan next time. After all, the pyramid is only as high as it’s base!

Bench Press
75×6 75×4 70×3 70×6

75×8 70×8 70×8

Incline DB Press
20×10 20×8 20×6

Lat Pull Downs
63.6×10 63.6×10 63.6×10

Lat Raises
8×15 8×15

Tricep Pushdown
30.6×10 30.6×10 30.6×10

Dumbell Curls
14×10 14×5 x2

The evening will be followed by a cycle home too.


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