50 Burpees for time

I set my baseline benchmark for this challenge today. I didn’t do any exercise over the weekend (other than playing on the bouncy castle and walking the park carrying the kids around, etc), and drank and ate what I fancied.

So, as I’m working from home today, I thought I’d get this one started. I made sure that my chest touched the floor and then my finger tips touched the ceiling in the room that was in for each rep to count.

I’ll update this post with each effort that I do.

07.05.2018 – 03:47:39, according to my Fitbit Surge watch I burnt 35 calories, and had an average BPM of 114. I didn’t do any kind of warm up (as it’s bloody hot today as it has been all weekend), nor have I been training on Burpees recently. Felt fine up until 20, and then the pace slowed substantially after 25!



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