27.04.2018 – Slippery When Wet

As the weather looked like it had finally changed, I decided to get the road bike (Giant Defy 2010) out and used it on the 23rd, 25th and 27th April.

Unfortunately on the 27th, it was wet, raining throughout the whole ride to work, however I was enjoying the journey, until…

After around 7 miles, I managed to dodge and angry goose, but in doing so, must have taken my eye off the route up ahead and hadn’t slowed down enough for the bridge which was approaching. I wasn’t flying, but when someone came around the corner the other way, I was in the process of turning (only a fraction), so when I applied the brakes, my tyres (Continental Gatorskins) slid from beneath me! I slid along the floor (with my upper left thigh and knee taking the brunt of the impact and body to ground contact). The chap coming the other way stopped quite casually under the bridge (on his mountain bike), asked if I was ok, and advised that he had done the same a couple of times… I was ok, but just a bit of a bruised pride, and annoyed at myself. I was glad that I did manage to grab my bike before it slid into the canal though!

So I jumped back on my bike and carried on my journey. After a shower and bandage I got through the day in the office fine, and the ride home was a bit sore, but randomly sunny. As it was a Friday, I had the weekend to rest my knee/leg/pride. I’ll see how it feels when I ride in on Wednesday..


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