Back in the game 13 04 2018

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, mainly due to me feeling a huge amount of stress (which on reflection feels to be self inflicted), lack of sleep, eating poorly, and suffering from a heavy cold. As a result, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last gym session (here). As I feel I’m over the worst of the cold, I gave it a go at lunchtime today. As I’ve missed a few of my training plan, and haven’t been cycling to work, I doubled down in today’s workout and did nearly all of Upper A and Upper B, using super-sets when possible.

Upper A

Upper B

Although I’ve missed a couple of weeks of training, and I’ve eaten way too much chocolate / treats, I felt pretty strong. My cardio fitness is very poor currently, but I’m expecting that to improve with a prolonged spell of consistent cycling commute. I managed a PB on the bench press, bent over rows, RDLs, seated leg press, seated leg extension and standing calf raises.

Now time for a rest this weekend before another busy week!


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