When you don’t ting your bell…

After burning around 4,000 calories on Tuesday and doing a full day at the office, I had very little sleep as the boys were tag teaming to keep us all up, all night. I was debating whether or not to cycle in; as I did felt tired, but decided I’d cycle, but give the gym a miss at lunchtime unless I was feeling tip top.

As it happens, the ride in was nice. Light, little wind, wet on the floor but dry in the air. I was enjoying the ride, until… very near the end I didn’t ting my bell, nor slow down enough whilst approaching a blind bend under one of the many bridges I pass under along the canal on my route. Needless to say the chap coming the other way did the same…

We both pulled on out brakes hard, but I went up and over the handlebars, and came off worse, probably as he was coming down hill, and I was clipped in to my pedals.

Injuries are no worse than I have had playing football / rugby over the years, but not ones you expect when cycling to work.


usy day at the office followed by a very wet, cold, (bit) sore and slow ride home…


…was made worthwhile by seeing my boy playing in his you car in the rain downpour, waiting for me to get home, then a freshly cooked dinner by my always amazing wife! (Which I later followed with a bowl of oats topped with seeds and strawberries and then a chocolate Easter bunny…)

News that the youngest has an ear infection explained the recent poor nights and off mood, and prepares us mentally for more of the same in days/nights to come.

Due to work I’m not able to hit the gym on Thursday, and then have Friday off to spend time with the family plus the weekend. So back on training, hopefully with my wounds healed on Monday.

Toughest will be trying to not eat all the remaining chocolate left over from Easter this weekend…


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