Upper A (03 04 2018)

After a really enjoyable and semi-relaxing Easter weekend with the family, it is now time to kick on!

I keep debating between whether I want to bulk up, especially in the ‘T-Shirt’ muscles of my arms, chest, back and shoulders, or whether I want to aim to be more lean, and seek more definition, especially in the stomach (six pack) areas.

The obvious halfway house has been to aim for a calorie balance (not deficit or surplus), with the focus on adjusting what I am eating (less junk and more protein, vegetables and fruit), whilst continuing to have a mix of cardio via my cycle commute and resistance via my ‘beach body’ gym programme.

My gut feeling is that although I do want to gain some size, I also don’t want to feel sluggish and have even less definition than I have currently. Conversely, I don’t want to lean out and feel weak, and most likely irritable and tired due to being in a deficit consistently… So I am going to land on the middle (dare I say ‘average’) ground in terms of calories.

Let’s see if it’s possible to lose fat and put on muscle at the same time.. theoretically it is not possible (as one requires a deficit and one requires a surplus), but maybe I could ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’, but using the stored fat in addition to a consumed high(er) protein diet to fuel muscle growth in response to resistance training…

So on that note, today I resisted the fresh boxes of Wheatabix, Shreddies and Oats, and instead had a banana prior to my morning cycle commute, and had a couple of hard boiled eggs at my desk. My ride in was nice, dry (but wet on the ground, from typical bank holiday rain) and not too cold, looked like this…

Gym at lunchtime looked like this,

After, I had salad with chicken and bacon (but forgot to snap a picture of it). Salad consisted of lettuce, noodles, tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber, sweetcorn and chia seeds to re-fuel..

Cycle home was nice. The weather is getting better, with just a heavy rain shower at the end putting a slight spoiler on a pleasant ride.


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