Lower A 26.03.2018

Enjoyable cycle in (although colder than it looked) with a bright blue sky. The morning started awesomely – it was the first time in at least 2.5 years that my 6am alarm woke up my wife and I.. amazing how much better you feel for the extra hour or two (or three) of sleep in the morning.

At lunch time I left my desk a bit late, so rushed to the gym but it was pretty busy and unfortunately that disrupted my flow a little, as people were on the equipment which I was intending to use. However I still improved my RDL weight slightly (little by little), and my leg press a fair bit (90kg up from 50kg) which I was delighted with. I therefore didn’t have enough time to do the seated leg curls and the standing calf raises..

Then for the cycle home this evening..


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