Upper A 22.03.2018

Breakfast – bowl of oats topped with mixed seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries and whole (blue top) milk. Following that I cycled to work along the cycle path and canal to the office

Gym at lunchtime consisted of:

UPPER A weight used
Exercise Sets Reps Rest SET 1 SET 2 SET 3
Bench Press 3 6 – 8 2- 3 mins 65x8 65×8 65×8
Rows 3 6 – 8 2- 3 mins 55x8 55×8 55×8
Incline DB Press 3 8 – 10 1 – 2 mins 24×10 24×8 24×6
Lat Pull Downs 3 8 – 10 1 – 2 mins 66x10 66×10 66×8
Lat Raises 2 10 – 15 1 min 8×15 8×15
Tricep Pushdown 3 10 – 12 1 min 55×10 55×10 55×10
Dumbell Curls 2 10 – 15 1 min 14×10 14×10

I was disappointed to not complete the incline DB press reps in the last set. I found it a real challenge to even lift the weight above my head to get started. I think next week I’ll drop to 22’s and work on building the foundation strength up a bit more. The increment of 2kg is just too much of a jump.

I was pleased with the increase in weight on the other areas. I used the side safety bars for the bench press as I had no spotters, and for reps I felt that was close to my maximum I could perform with good form.

I polished off a salad with chicken goujons and sweet chilly sauce, followed by a couple of boiled eggs for some extra protein.

Cycling home this afternoon was going to be tough, but the weather seems to have picked up, and it is looking like spring may well be here..(at last!)

Cycle home was better than I thought it would be as my legs were feeling pretty tired for an hour or so before taking the saddle. Nice weather and less wind than recent days helped a lot!

I got home to this delicious meal that had been prepared by my lovely wife.. great times like this that I savoir!

Plus a night cap now the kids are asleep…

Shreddies, raisins with whole milk…


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