Summer Holiday ‘Beach Body’

Who doesn’t want to be looking their best when they jet off on their holiday and strip down to just their swimwear, leaving nowhere to hide for those parts of the body which have been happily covered up all autumn, winter, spring (and in the UK most of the summer too!)…

I am not a fan of fad diets, quick fixes and short term ‘detox’ style things. They are not sustainable, not healthy, and usually make you feel like crap, which shows in how you look! Instead, I’m focusing on real, sustainable improvements. Not very sexy, not exactly headline grabbing, but REAL.

That means, I’m going to focus on 80/20 rule, and not beat myself up if I have a KFC, sugary bowl of cereal, pint of beer, or some chocolate, as long as I’m not doing it all the time, and I’m eating well and moving enough to balance it out.

I’m not vegan

I’m not even vegetarian

I’m not Paleo

I’m not even going to eat 100% clean

However, I am going to put some effort towards tracking my intake and expenditure of energy.

This isn’t going to be an overnight thing, but as anyone who has put in the work over a sustained, consistent period of time will admit, once it becomes a habit, it becomes easier, to make something a habit, you need to stick at it, and to stick at it, you need to have a strong enough ‘why’, and enjoy the process (not just focus on the end result).

I’ll be posting (when I can) my workouts, my efforts, my meals, etc on here. It may be a bit sporadic, but I’ll try and be consistent so that when I look back I’ve got a pretty comprehensive picture, and can see how things have improved over time..

little. by. little.

I’ll categorise all of the posts ‘Beach Body 2018’.


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